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Word Brain Game


Word Find Puzzle is an amazing puzzle. It has a lots of Words. The words are categorized into 11 different categories.How to Play:
- Drag your finger over and combine letters to find out the right word. You can combine the letters to any nearby cell
- The preview of your typing can also be seen.
- There is a timer for each word. Upon the word difficulty level it varies.
- Your target is to find out the word in minimum time. Suppose the time for a word is 10 sec and you complete it in 5 sec. You will get 10 points and remaining 5 points as bonus. That means you will get 15 points.
- There is Free Hints to help you find out the missing word in 3 letters and 4 letters word! You can get Free Hints by sharing your score.
- For other level there will be a hint on Top. Two or three last letters are missing. Suppose user select Country from category and the country for quiz is INDIA. It shows IN - - -. So that user understand what word is placed for Game.
Please let me know your review so that I shall keep you updated.
Enjoy the game !